Anders Wallin

New paintings

Below you will find my latest paintings with measurements. Contact me if interested!
BjörkskärÄngsskärBackeBlackBlue dotCaveDungeFallExcursionFallDuskFältFjällFrostGladeHallskärHaranHill HillsHillyInterstellarKajKajKronaKullarLeftLightLineMarsMomentNordPlayPondPotRed dotRocksRoseSandhamnSaveShineSlottStamStockholmStodStumpSvallisSvart bergSvep Top
Anders Wallin

Smaller paintings

Below you will find my smaller paintings with measurements. Contact me if interested!
Anders Wallin


Prints can be ordered and we send by post to the customer. Each design can be printed in four different sizes listed below.
If you have any questions, write an email or call 070 561 47 21.

Giclée Fine Art is the name given to the International Association of Fine Art Digital Printmakers, IAFADP, agreed on digitally printed images on watercolor paper.

The pictures are printed on acid-free 300 grams of Saunders Waterford or 640 grams of Arches watercolor paper with pigment ink. The manufacturer guarantees that the paint is light-resistant and has a durability of at least 75 years. each motif is printed in a total of 90 copies as below.

The images are available in the following sizes (paper size):

150 x 102 cm 9,000 with frame: SEK 12,500
105 x 85 cm SEK 5,000 with frame: SEK 7,500
76 x 57 cm SEK 2,200 with frame: SEK 2,800
37 x 47 cm SEK 1,800 with frame: SEK 2,200

Anders Wallin


Below you will find my previous works.


Swing 2


Layer 1

Red drive


Signs on glass

Layer 2


Anders Wallin Studio

Contact and location

Contact and find usIf you're interested in any of my classes or events please contact me via the email link below.

Villagatan 1 13441 Gustavsberg

+46 70 561 4721

I'm in the studio most days, but please call before any visit.